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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of drudgery, it was the age of ruthlessness, it was the era of single lady clowns, it was the era of sexy time, there were seasons of Kardashians , seasons of Teen Mom, it was the spring of killer tans, it was the winter of vitamin D deficiency, we had All- American before us, we had dead fucking last before us, we were all going directly to Heaven, some were going directly the other way, this period is unlike any before it, even the crankiest grandmas and emo-est teens, could agree, for good or for evil, this is the pinnacle, it all goes down from here.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Redundant Pandora Ads

If you spend enough time on Pandora, You will notice that they cycle through a limited number of audio advertisements. These are not targeted at specific audiences, as I have noticed through my stations based on Bob Dylan, DMX, the Jackson 5, Movie Scores, and 90's club music. Some of our favorites:

  • McCafe--Treat yourself to sweet cappuchinos, lattes, and more!
This one is pretty accurate, of course I like 90's trance/dance music AND have an infatuation with drugs. Pandora recognizes that caffeine is the most accessible and I can get my fix for only $1.79 at my local McDonald's
  • You've just won 250 free business cards from VistaPrint! 
How did my thumbs up to the song "X Gon' Give it to ya'" indicate that I need 250 free business cards? My proficiency in the career field of Fucking Shit Up is known merely by word of mouth
  • Among those who consider a heavy snowfall in Ski country a sick day? You're one of us. Boston.com
Ok, they've got me here. I go to school in Boston. Where are they getting this information from?! Google?! My account on Pornhub.com?

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