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Monday, December 13, 2010

Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Situation: mid-conversation, between two people soon after being introduced to one another.

Person A: Now what profession are you in?
Person B: Oh, I am a financial analyst
Person A: That's interesting but math and management never caught my interest, where do you work?
Person B: I work in downtown chicago, but not the part where I am going to get shot, its actually really nice. Where do you work?
Person A: My job is actually great, it allows me to travel and see all parts of the world, and help people in their daily lives get from one destination to another safely.
Person B: Oh wow, when I was a little boy I alway dreamed of being a pilot, what airline do you work for?
Person A: I am not pilot, sorry for the confusion, I am actually a bus driver.
Person B: (look of superiority falls upon his face) Oh....

Their jobs constitute the same objective: getting people from one place to another safely. So heres the big question: why are bus drivers looked down upon, while pilots are idolized?
Exactly, in truth bus drivers are just pilots of the earth. The fine fellows that navigate Commonwealth Ave., St. Thomas Moore Rd., and Beacon St. get me to my destinations safely 'er day, navigating around the crazy Boston drivers and through the rain, snow, and sun.

So here is to you Bus Drivers / Pilots of the Earth today is your day!

Remember to thank your pilot of the earth today. And never discourage your child from dreaming big! They could some day charter the Peter Pan Bus, you just wait and see. 

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