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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heard on the Heights--Back in Old Country

Who says BC isn't diverse? A week of classes can feel like a trip through the "countries of the world" at Epcot. I've had broken-English professors from France, Iran, Turkey, India, South Boston, and even Jewlandia (my roommate)...and I regularly experience the pleasure of hearing their Borat-style idioms and butchered English language. Here are a few that I deemed worthy to write down in class not knowing that they would later be fodder for my blog:

"this blow minding!"

"every man has different way of eating goat"

"this called 'voting with feet'"

"no drink for you!"
-I was hoping he would correct himself and change his example to "no soup for you"

"you all my son and daughter!"

"I really fotched this graph"
-I must admit, this teacher was actually American. Maybe he truly did somehow "fire crotch" the problem instead of "botching" it like a true American

There will CERTAINLY be more of this to come


  1. who's dick do I have to suck around here to get some new posts? shiiiiit

  2. hahahahaha. i especially enjoy the fotched graph comment. what a great blog--the world needs to know about this!
    p.s. when you end up being the justin bieber of the blog world can you get me david letterman's autograph? i would say oprah but shes not on anymore...maybe youll make it onto one of her Oprah Winfrey Network shows thou...